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Ground & Peeled Bar

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Ground and Peeled Bar

It's critical to have a totally smooth, deformity free persistent surface with exact measurements. That is the place the bar peeling process becomes an integral factor. It delivers the smooth surfaces and basic measurements for downstream parts processing.The process is additionally quicker, giving you shorter throughput times and better profitability at high volumes. At last, bar peeling produces fantastic surface quality.

Bar grinding alludes to the tooling of the surface of tubing, bars, or bar stock. It makes a smooth surface on the outside of round workpieces, rapidly and cost-viably.

At Rajendra Industries, we can provide bar grinding for bars up to 20-feet in length, from 6mm to 60mm in diameter. For peeling, we can peel from 20mm to 50mm in diameter and up to 20-feet in length.

Peeled Bar Capacity 15 MT Per Day

Grinding Capacity 10 MT Per Day